References from the Food and beverage industry

The food and beverage industry faces significant challenges regarding wastewater and sludge management. Companies generate large volumes of wastewater containing organic matter, nutrients, and other contaminants that require proper treatment before discharge. Inefficient management of this wastewater can lead to pollution of water bodies, soil degradation, and harm to aquatic life. Moreover, the handling and disposal of sludge produced during the treatment process can be expensive and pose environmental risks if not managed effectively.

Owatec Group offers the best available solution for the food and beverage industry by providing advanced technologies built into movable sea containers. These solutions enable efficient wastewater treatment and recover valuable components from side streams. By combining different units with different purposes, Owatec Group can customize a solution tailored to the specific needs of each company. The automation and remote control features optimize chemical consumption and maintenance, allowing processes to run smoothly even in remote locations like harbors.

The benefits for the food and beverage industry include cost-effective solutions that minimize the need for infrastructure changes. Owatec Group’s modular product portfolios offer flexibility and scalability, ensuring that wastewater and sludge management can be optimized according to the company’s requirements. By implementing these solutions, companies can reduce their environmental footprint by minimizing pollution and supporting the circular economy. This, in turn, contributes to enhancing biodiversity and protecting natural resources.

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water treatment at slaughterhouse

Meat production creates one of the most burdening wastewater streams, and wastewater quality is often too heavy to lead municipal water treatment plants without a local pretreatment.

From challenges like

  • High level of solids
  • High COD values
  • Extremely costly processes

Owatec turns it into benefits like

  • Better environmental responsibility by creating the circular economy-driven processes
  • Processes run by water treatment experts guarantee effective results
  • Merkable reductions in solids, COD, and other impurities
  • Lower wastewater costs by reducing the increase multiple values

Fish Production Site - Hätälä Oy

Owatec Service Agreement for water treatment processes and sludge management. The service of water treatment experts, automation, remote monitoring, and control enable optimized processes around the clock.

From challenges like 

  • High wastewater costs
  • Large-scale blockages in the area’s sewage network

to key benefits as

  • Better environmental responsibility
  • 86% COD reduction
  • Up to 25% savings in water treatment costs/a

Seasonal water treatment at lutefisk site - Hätälä Oy

Water treatment solutions for seasonal needs at a remote location. PAAS – model frees the company from the operational demands while water treatment experts take care of the optimized processes.

From challenges like

  • Remote location
  • No possibility to make large infra-changes

to key benefits as

  • Better environmental responsibility
  • Cost-effective processes for seasonal need
  • Automated processes adapting to flow changes