We are not running out of clean water

At Owatec Group, we are the Visionary in the Circular Economy, leading the way toward a sustainable future. By harnessing our expertise in environmental cleantech, specifically in industrial wastewater and sludge management, we strive to revolutionize the way resources are utilized.

Our mission is to ensure clean waters and sufficient raw materials everywhere while embracing the principles of the circular economy. We offer adaptable solutions to diverse water and sludge management challenges through our innovative technologies in sea containers. By seamlessly combining different units with distinct purposes, we provide a comprehensive approach that maximizes efficiency and minimizes waste.

Owatec Group is a privately owned company from Oulu, Finland.



Water treatment specialist

customer service and sales

Outsourcing water treatment to a specialist frees you up for the company’s core processes. Owatec specialists have spent years researching optimized processes for industrial water treatment; therefore, answers to necessary measures for water and sludge treatment can be determined quickly.

Modular solutions


Solutions built-in containers enable quick installation without significant infrastructure changes. Just Plug and Play solutions for pre- and chemical treatment, solids removal and sludge dewatering.


Piloting and laboratory services

research work

Full-scale piloting with a carefully designed water treatment plant to ensure the right processes for each customer.

Laboratory testing about your current water treatment status and consultation on what development actions might be available for more effective processes.


Board of directors

Lauri Törrö

Pioneer in circular economy


Teemu Puumalainen

Investor of green transition


Jussi Yli-niemi

Guiding growth companies

Tomi Honkala

Long-term industry expert

Jere Reinikainen

Representative of legal professions

Retailers, partners and investors