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Jaakko Pellinen

CEO I Entrepreneur

Sales and new customer and business relationships.

Tel. +358 50 591 6109

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Kaisu Kanniainen

COO I Project Manager

Maintaining and improving operations and efficiency through personnel leadership. Project management.

Tel. +358 45 674 4092

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Päivi Mannila

CRO I Head of Sales

Sales, customer relationships and water treatment expert services.

Tel. +358 50 464 0867

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Heikki Heilala

CEO I Owatec Service

In charge of turnkey services, customer relations, and maintenance partnerships. Responsible for maintenance and on-call support services.

Tel. +358 40 610 6119

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Sales and marketing

Jukka Hyrkäs

Service sales manager

Turnkey solution sales, customer sites, and wastewater treatment expert services.

Tel. +358 45 673 3503

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Petteri Seppänen

Technical Sales Manager

Cleantech technology sales, customer sites, and wastewater treatment expert services.

Tel. +358 400 555 961

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Jenni Rossi

Marketing communications manager

The strategic development of brand visibility, design and execution of marketing and communication.

Tel. +358 40 132 0135

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Finance, Administration, and Production

Miia Tauriainen

Finance and Administration Manager

Invoicing, financial and administration management and new research project control.

Tel. +358 50 437 2477

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Sara Kangasjärvelä

Producement engineer

Purchasing, chemical orders for customer sites, and documentation.

Tel. +358 40 586 0544

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R&D laboratory

Miska Veijola-Kara

Head chemist

Chemical treatment optimization and laboratory testings.

Tel. +358 44 345 5009

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Piia Veteläinen

Laboratory technician

Performing laboratory tests on customer wastewater samples.

Tel. +358 40 672 9088

Jarmo Antikainen

Project engineer

Analysis of laboratory samples, recovery of valuable side-streams, and by-product utilization.

Tel. +358 40 073 8674

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Milla Huusko

Project researcher

Analyzing laboratory samples, researching nutrient recovery and reuse possibilities.

Tel. +358 40 769 5125

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Commissioning and piloting

Mikko Toivonen

Senior process expert

Process expert, enhancing and maintaining the operational reliability of customer sites. Guidance and training for customer site personnel.

Tel. +358 40 583 2508

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Arttu Kulusjärvi

Process expert

Piloting and implementing cleantech plants at customer sites and ensuring after-sales solutions.

Tel. +358 40 152 7853

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Process and Pump experts

Sami Raetsaari

Maintenance supervisor

Ensuring the availability of resources at customer sites and maintaining operational reliability.

Tel. +358 40 610 6119

Mikko Tenno

Process operator

Ensuring and maintaining the operational reliability of customer site processes in the Oulu region. Developing and monitoring workplace safety.

Tel. +358 50 494 5599

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Keijo Kärkkäinen

Pump maintenance supervisor

Pump maintenance supervisor, pump and process maintenance in wastewater treatment.

Tel. +358 43 820 0039

Joni Kuorilehto

Service technician

Pump and pump station installations, process, and pump maintenance in wastewater treatment.

Tel. +358 40 841 1596

Toni Timonen


Electrical work for pumps and processes, including their maintenance.

Tel. +358 40 182 4683