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Jaakko Pellinen

CEO I Entrepreneur

Sales and new customer and business relationships.

Kaisu Kanniainen

COO I Project Manager

Maintaining and improving operations and efficiency through personnel leadership. Project management.

Päivi Mannilla

Head of Customer Relationship

Sales, customer relationships and water treatment expert services.

Miia Tauriainen

Invoicing, financial and administration management and new research project control.

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Jenni Rossi

The strategic development of brand visibility, design and execution of marketing and communication.

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Sara Kangasjärvelä

Purchasing, chemical orders for customer sites, and documentation.

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Mikko Toivonen

Process expert, enhancing and maintaining the operational reliability of customer sites. Guidance and training for customer site personnel.

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Arttu Kulusjärvi

Piloting and implementing cleantech plants at customer sites and ensuring after-sales solutions.

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Miska Veijola-Kara

Chemical treatment optimization and laboratory testings.

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Jarmo Antikainen

Analysis of laboratory samples, recovery of valuable side-streams, and by-product utilization.

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Piia Veteläinen

Performing laboratory tests on customer wastewater samples.

Milla Huusko

Analyzing laboratory samples, researching nutrient recovery and reuse possibilities.

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Mikko Alatalo

Leading design engineering and generating plant designs from process flowcharts to 3D models.

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Ville Niemimäki

Designing and drawing P&ID and process flow diagrams according to required standards.

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Sami Raetsaari

Ensuring the availability of resources at customer sites and maintaining operational reliability.

Mikko Tenno

Ensuring and maintaining the operational reliability of customer site processes in the Oulu region. Developing and monitoring workplace safety.

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