Seasonal water treatment at fish processing site

Hätälä Oy is a leading fish producer in Finland driven by responsible choices at every stage of their fish production processes. Among many actions for environmental responsibility, they pretreat their wastewater locally.

For the Christmas season, the company has a lutefisk production site in Himanka causing a need for seasonal water treatment processes.

Where it all started

Lutefisk is a fish traditionally served during the Christmas season. For the high seasonal demand, a separate lutefisk production site is operating at Himanka from September to January.

For effective wastewater treatment, the location gives the following challenges:

  • Remote location, no possibilities for infra-changes
  • Only for seasonal need
  • No ongoing maintenance is available


ALL-IN-ONE service to achieve objectives

Owatec service agreement provides the needed technology in modular sea containers. The service of water treatment experts, together with automation and remote overseeing&controlling ensures optimized processes around the clock.

After carefully made laboratory testing and full-scale piloting, the final water treatment plant now includes the following solutions:

For this location, modular technology in sea containers is the only available solution for effective wastewater treatment processes. The needed units are delivered on the same day the production starts and wastewater is treated until the seasonal lutefisk production ends.

Wastewater containing a lot of solids and grease is typical for the companies in food and beverage industry. Owatec’s environmentally friendly process meets the expectations in impurity and nutrient reductions enabling Hätälä to make immediate savings in water treatment costs and keep up with their ongoing work with environmental and social responsibility.

Reductions of the impurities 

  • Solids 96%
  • COD 31%
  • BOD 66%
  • Total Phosphorus 93%


”The wastewater treatment process solution by Owatec is innovative, and the process is running smoothly. We have gained both savings and lower impurities levels.”

Risto Isohätälä, CEO Hätälä Oy

Just Plug and Play - water treatment units for seasonal wastewater treatment