Local investor on board

Nordic Option brings more financial and other resources essential for start-ups for the business development of Owatec Group.

Owatec Group Oy has developed its business rapidly over the past few years and has become one of the fastest-growing circular economy companies in Northern Finland. In order to accelerate its well-started business, the company has agreed to start cooperation with the capital investment company Nordic Option. Nordic Option brings more financial resources and knowledge for business development to Owatec’s growth.

”At Owatec, we are delighted with the investment made by Nordic Option. Now we will be able to move our operations forward even more strongly. We have consciously focused on developing technology and service solutions in recent years. Still, now the purpose is to pay even more attention to commercializing the built solutions and acquiring potential markets” Jaakko Pellinen, CEO.

”What’s particularly great about Owatec’s operations are the environmental and cost-saving benefits made possible by their technology. With Owatec’s solutions, the customer’s wastewater and sludge can be treated while respecting the environment and creating cost savings or new earning opportunities, for example, by utilizing by-products separated from the wastewater”, explains investment manager Teemu Puumalainen from Nordic Option.

”Tightened environmental regulations and emission limits force companies to invest in more efficient and modern technologies. Also, the general world of values is constantly changing more and more to support ecology and the circular economy. These facts will significantly increase the possibilities of growing Owatec’s business soon,” states Pellinen,

Owatec Group Oy is a water and environmental company that supplies its customers with technology and service solutions for water and waste treatment. In addition to processing technology, Owatec also offers expert services and implementation of development projects according to customer needs. The company’s services and solutions are broadly suited to the needs of various industries. Owatec has its head office and production facilities in the Oulu region, but the business as a whole is international.

Nordic Option Oy is a capital investment fund that invests in Northern Finnish growth companies, whose main owners are Arvo Sijoitusosuuskunta, Partnera Oyj, and the city of Oulu. The company’s goal is to offer a northern alternative for enabling the growth and internationalization of small and medium-sized companies.

Additional information:

Jaakko Pellinen, CEO Owatec Group Oy, jaakko.pellinen@owatec.fi, 050-5916109
Teemu Puumalainen, Investment Director Nordic Option Oy, teemu.puumalainen@nordicoption.fi, 040-631 8362

This article is an English translation of the original article published on 20.5.2021.