Owatec strengthens its service business by acquiring Norfit – a maintenance company and establishing a new subsidiary, Owatec Service

Owatec Group Oy, an environmental company specialising in industrial wastewater treatment and recovery of by-products, acquired the majority share of Oulu-based Norfit Oy in February 2024.

The acquisition aims to expand Owatec’s range of turnkey services through pump services and expertise in wastewater management, create new work opportunities, and support Owatec’s growth as a turnkey solutions provider for the green transition.

From February 2024 onwards, Norfit will continue its operations under the name Owatec Service as a subsidiary of the organisation.

Press release

Heikki Heilala, Owatec Servicen toimitusjohtaja sekä Jaakko Pellinen, Owatec Groupin toimitusjohtaja sekä yrittäjä.