The mission of the Owatec is to make industrial processes more efficient and waste-free to help save the environment and raw materials. Waste streams from industrial processes are filled with valuable components (eg. metals, nutrients or chemicals) which can be recovered. By recycling them, we save the environment for future generations.

Our research and development work is tailored to customers’ needs. Owatec has modern laboratory and facilities, where we can pilot with authentic waste waters.

We have

  • Electrochemical water treatment devices – read more
  • Electrochemical flotation device
  • Electro coagulation device
  • JAR-testing equipment
  • Spectrophotometry
  • Pulced Corona Discharge -equipment
  • Magnetic separator

We are currently acquiring additional water treatment devices.

Be in contact and we will give you more information. Our services are tailored to customers’ needs.