OwaMobile chemical treatment and process control unit is always built according to customer needs. It is a shipping container with a build in spill pallet. Inside the container are pumps and dosing systems needed. On container wall there is a pipe reactor for efficient mixing of chemicals. It is also possible to place a process automation and control unit in the container for overall system operation.

In  a typical waste water application acid or base is added to a water stream to achieve optimal pH for coagulation and flocculation chemicals. OwaMobile has automatic pH control and chemical dosing according to for example turbidity or water volume. It is also possible to add gasses like air, oxygen or ozone into the waste water by adding an OwaKTM pump with suitable gas generator in to OwaMobile unit.

With every new waste water stream we first do laboratory tests to determine the best available solution for our customer. Learn more about our testing services here.