OWAPRE - Step filter pretreatment unit

OwaPre is a solution built in a sea container for pre-treatment before the actual water treatment process. Automated valves separate large particles directly for further processing, ensuring processes’ operational reliability.

Step filters allow the pretreatment unit to separate larger particles straight to the sludge drying unit. This ensures better operational reliability when treating streams rich in solids, like in the food industry.

Examples by industries:

  • Food and beverage industry – wastewaters
  • Waste management – open pool waters

Basic information

Size / Type of container
Size / Type of container

Sea Container
Length: 20 feet 6 060 mm
Widht: 2 440 mm
Height: 2 700 mm

Operation mass
Operation mass

22 000 kg

Flow capacity
Flow capacity

5 - 200 m3/h

  • Product group Pretreatment
  • Product type Step filter unit
  • Series 3112-
  • Transportation weight 5 500 kg
  • Manufactured by Owatec Group Oy
  • Made in Finland

Technical information

  • Step filter TAM Step Filter V4-800-3
  • Sludge pump Flowrox LPP-T65, 15 m3/h
  • Shredder pump Mamec KLY-600X
  • Inlet connection DN65
  • Outlet connection DN80

Other information

  • pH of the treated water 1–9
  • Temp of the treated water 5–30 °C
  • Ambient temp -20 –30 °C


  • Optimized processes
    To maintain optimized processes, water with a high concentration of solids should be pre-treated. The separation of large particles enables even more efficient treatment of water and sludge dewatering.
  • Reliability
    Raw solid separation prevents blockages and breakages, increasing operational reliability and continuity.

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