OwaFloc - pipe reactor

A pipe reactor on a separate stand is a space-saving solution for better chemical efficiency. The unit has automation and is fully adjustable according to the water to be treated.

OwaFloc can be connected as part of the OwaMobile chemical treatment or installed separately to enhance existing water treatment. The number of connections has been considered in the unit to be used for dosing and mixing several different chemicals. Solid matter and other impurities can be separated from the water almost entirely by enhancing water treatment with chemical treatment.

Returning the treated water to the processes enables sustainable operating models according to the circular economy.

Examples by industries:

  • Food and Beverage Industry – wastewater
  • Waste Management  – runoff and reject waters

Basic information

Size / Type of container
Size / Type of container

Separately standing unit
Length: 1 200 mm
Width: 2 500 mm
Height: 2 500 mm

Operation mass
Operation mass

800 kg

Flow capacity
Flow capacity

5 - 240 m3

  • Product group Chemical treatment
  • Product type Chemical preparation and mixing
  • Series 2410
  • Transportation weight 450 kg
  • Manufactured by Owatec Group Oy
  • Made in Finland

Technical information

  • Automation and control panel Allen Bradley or ABB
  • Pipe material PE
  • Inlet connection DN100
  • Outlet connection DN100
  • Drainage valve DN100
  • Flow capacity 5 – 240 m3
  • Flow meter and automatic valve 5 – 240 m3
  • Dosing pump for polymer 0 – 353 L/h
  • Automatic pH adjustment, incl. pH-sensor in pipe connection 0 – 14
  • Pipe reactor pressure measurement 0 – 10 bar

Other information

  • pH of the treated water 1–9
  • Temp of the treated water 5–30 °C

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Owatec water treatment and sludge dewatering units are always built according to customer needs; therefore, the final outcome can vary. All units can work as an individual solution or as part of a full-scaled water treatment plant. Contact us, and we will introduce the best available solution for you.