OWABALANCE - neutralizing unit

OwaBalance is a neutralization unit built in a sea container, which is used in the production and dosing of various neutralization solutions.

OwaBalance with automated milk of magnesium and limewater preparation and dosing system. The pH adjustment is connected to the dosing, which enables the optimal maintenance of the target values, for example, in the precipitation of metals. Automation guarantees effective processes in areas with challenging circumstances.

Examples by industries:

  • Mining Industry dry pit waters
  • Steel Industry valuable streams separation

Basic information

Size / Type of container
Size / Type of container

Sea container with an extension part
Length: 20 jalkaa I 6 060 mm
Width: 2 440 mm
Height: 6 252 mm

Operation mass
Operation mass

10 000 kg

Flow capacity
Flow capacity

5 - 240 m3/h

  • Product group Chemical treatment
  • Product type Magnesium preparation and mixing
  • Series 9010-
  • Transportation weight 7 000 kg
  • Manufactured by Owatec Group Oy
  • Made in Finland

Technical information

  • Automation and control unit Allen Bradley or ABB
  • Automated dosing magnesium milk and limewater
  • Automated dosing chalk powder
  • Chalk tank automated surface measurement
  • Water pump 580 l/h
  • Solution pump 580 l/h
  • pH measurement 1 – 11
  • Chain hoist chalk bag
  • Chalk bag discharge system by vibrating
  • Temperature measurement inside the container Fahrenheit / Celcius
  • Power supply 62 A

Other information

  • pH of the treated water 1–11
  • Temp of the treated water 5–30 °C
  • Ambient temp -20 –30 °C


  • Environmental responsibility
    Waters with a high metal concentration require efficient treatment in order to achieve the set permit requirements.
  • Modularity
    Just Plug and Play – wastewater treatment and sludge drying solutions in modular container solutions. Containers are assembled at Tupos in Oulu and are ready for operation right after delivery.
  • Remote control
    Automation, as well as remote control and monitoring, enable continuous maintenance of optimized processes.

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Owatec water treatment and sludge dewatering units are always built according to customer needs; therefore, the final outcome can vary. All units can work as an individual solution or as part of a full-scaled water treatment plant. Contact us, and we will introduce the best available solution for you.