OWAMOBILE - Chemical treatment unit

The chemical treatment unit built in a mobile sea container facilitates the optimized process and wastewater treatment. The unit can be integrated into an existing process or used as an individual treatment unit. The need defines chemicals for the treatment and is adjusted accordingly.

OwaMobile is a sea container build-in spill pallet for chemical storage, mixing, and dosing. Inside the container, pumps and dosing systems are controlled by automation, and the pipe reactor allows the chemicals to be mixed in a controlled manner with the waters. The entire process can be managed on-site and remotely by utilizing remote control & monitoring.

In a typical wastewater treatment process, an acid or base is added to the water to reach a suitable pH range for coagulation and flocculation chemicals to separate the impurities. Automatic pH control and dosing of chemicals are adjusted according to turbidity or water volume so that the dosing always corresponds to the need. It is also possible to add gas (air/oxygen/ozone) supply to the water using the KTM Bubble Generator multiphase pump.

In our testing laboratory, we always perform case-specific tests to determine the need for optimal wastewater treatment.

Basic information

Size / Type of container
Size / Type of container

Sea container (with spill-pallet)
Length: 20 feet 6 060 mm
Width: 2 440 mm
Height: 2 700 mm

Operation mass
Operation mass

8 000 kg

Flow capacity
Flow capacity

5 - 240 m3/h

  • Product group Chemical treatment
  • Product type Chemical preparation and mixing
  • Series 1102-
  • Transportation weight 5 500 kg
  • Manufactured by Owatec Group Oy
  • Made in Finland

Technical information

  • Spill pallet 1 400 L
  • Automation and control unit Allen Bradley tai ABB
  • Pipe reactor, PE – piping 5 – 240 m3/h
  • Dosing pump for coagulant 0 – 45 L/h
  • Dosing pump for pH-adjustment chemical 0 – 45 L/h
  • Automatic pH-adjustment, incl. pH-sensor in pipe connection 0 – 14
  • Polymer preparation unit 0 – 600 L/h
  • Dosing pump for polymer 0 – 353 L/h
  • Flow meter and automatic valve 5 – 240 m3/h
  • Pipe reactor pressure measurement 0 – 10 bar
  • Inlet connection DN150
  • Outlet connection DN150
  • Temperature measurement inside the container Fahrenheit / Celcius
  • Electrification inside container 32 A (wall plug)

Other information

  • pH of the treated water 1–9
  • Temp of the treated water 5–30 °C
  • Ambient temp -20 –30 ° 
  • Also available KTM40 multiphase pump
    Capacity 4,8 m3/h

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Owatec water treatment and sludge dewatering units are always built according to customer needs; therefore, the final outcome can vary. All units can work as an individual solution or as part of a full-scaled water treatment plant. Contact us, and we will introduce the best available solution for you.