Consultation, testing and laboratory services

Laboratory testing for optimizing water treatment and sludge dewatering by our chemists specialized in water treatment processes. Consultation assistant to determine the right monitoring ways for your needs.

Available tests

  • Chemical dosing optimization
  • pH-controlling tests
  • Filtration tests (mm. Geotube and Filter Press)
  • Oxidation tests (oxygen, ozone, chemical oxidation)
  • Oxidation with plasma (Pulsed Corona Discharge)
  • Electrochemical disinfection
  • Solubility tests
  • Magnetic separation of particles

Comprehensive analysis possibilities

  • Solids and dry matter analyses
  • BOD (biological oxygen demand)
  • Spectrophotometric rapid tests (COD, cyanide, TOC, nitrogen and phosphorus)

water treatment specialists

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Consulting assistance on possible optimization of the water treatment solution.