Jaakko Pellinen, Head of the Board of Directors
Pellinen is the founder and CEO of Owatec. He has a chemist background but has also experience from international business development and leading scientific research and development projects. Pellinen is also founding partner of Sangen Oy, where he is in charge of product development. Pellinen has been an entrepreneur from 2006.

Lauri Törrö, member of the Board of Directors
Törrö is M.Sc. in Economy and Business Administration. He is CEO of the trading house and investment company Finnkarelco Oy. Lauri Törrö has over 17 years of experience in international B2B business. He is a member of the Board of Directors at Sensapex Oy. At 2010-2016 he was in charge of creating the global sales network and manufacturing capacities for the products of Sensaplex. Törrö is founding partner and member of the Board of Directors at Flexo Nordic Oy, Craftman Oy and Nextime Oy. He is a member of the Board of Directors also at Suomen Keräystuote Oy. At Owatec Törrö is in charge of funding and is available for business development projects.

Jere Reinikainen, member of the Board of Directors
Reinikainen, Master of Laws, is founding member and the CEO of Suomen Juristit Oy. He is a member of the Board in Suomen Juristit Oy and several other companies. Reinikainen has long history as an entrepreneur and his strengths are knowing business law and advising companies and communities. Reinikainen has also experience from project management and areal management at Barona Oy.

Mikko Ahokas, member of the Board of Directors
Ahokas is M.Sc. at Environmental Science and CEO of Mikko Ahokas Consulting Oy (2015-).  Ahokas has 20 years of experience from environmental business.  He has participated in several meaningful corporate transactions and Due Diligence -tasks. Mikko Ahokas is a member of the Board of Directors in Finland’s Waste Management Association (JHY) and national member delegate of Finland at International Solid Waste Association (ISWA). Previously Ahokas has worked at Pinifer Oy (1999-2004), at Salvor Oy as Plant Manager (2004-2005), St1 Biofuels Oy as Technical Director (2005-2011) and at WSP Finland as Head of Unit (2011-2015).